Articles About Our Fasting Programs

Lisa McGary discovers how to get modern living out of her system at a health farm in Algarve.

Marie Claire
Olivia Silverwood-Cope rejuvenated her body and soul with a two weeks juice fast. I lived without food for two weeks.

Judith Fox chose to spend a healthy fortnight in the sun as she was desperate to lose weight - only to find it´s not really about that - it´s about detoxing your system and allowing yourself the chance to develop your spiritual side.

Sunday Times
Victoria Greenhaigh finds that Yoga and fasting go hand in hand. Fasting brings increased flexibility, and in turn, yoga aids the elimination of stagnant toxins.

The Santa Fe
Article in The Santa Fe New Mexican on 21 November, 2004 By Judith Fein. Two weeks of denial - Cleansing Spa Vacation - leaves one traveler glowing with health, the other woozy and limp.

The Daily Telegraph
As I walked, I felt I had reached a sort of health nirvana, flooded with energy and looking better than I had for years. Article by By Rachael Woolston in The Daily Telegraph, March 04 2006

My time at Moinhos Velhos left me glowing with health and, most importantly for me, I've stopped smoking! AF.  Vogue February 2006

Yoga Journal
Purity in Portugal.  Hoping to cleanse and reenergize with a 14 day juice fast, a traveler learns important lessons in forgiving instead. Yoga Journal February 2006

Daily Mail
Tested: The ten-day fruit juice detox of the stars. Tanya Gold. Daily Mail August 6. 2007

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