Acupuncture for Body, Mind & Spirit with Richard

Just because something is subtle, certainly doesn't mean it's not powerful! Here Richard explains how acupuncture can be used to treat the subtle layers of your spirit and emotions.

Just because something is subtle, certainly doesn't mean it's not powerful! One of the things I love most about 5 Elements Acupuncture is it's capacity to address the really subtle aspects of your being, that it gives me context to treat thoughts, feelings and state of 'spirit' as well as what's going on in the physical level.

All these finer aspects are as essential to who you are and your wellbeing and need treating equally! In this blog (shared with the patients permission) I share how I treated one of my patients on the emotional axis of the Kidney and Heart. In balance, Kidney energy allows the faculty of wisdom - and when it comes out of balance it can either tip into fear or recklessness, and the Heart of course allows us to clearly identify with what we are passionate about.

Evidently, life events and disappointments can upset the balance of these characteristics - such as in this case a relationship breakup at a stage of life where there is a desire to have children. In essence the Kidney and Heart work together as a close team at all times, to keep you applying your willpower wisely to the things that are meaningful for you, and it's these subtle levels of who we are that really embellish and give the richness to our life!

Having the most optimal balance of these energies can be the difference between starting to close off from our dreams or staying open to what we love and giving an appropriate amount of our energy towards it, while being wise (as opposed to fearful) of all possible outcomes.

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