Can Fasting Cure Cancer?

The answer to this is both Yes and No.

First of all: Fasting does not cure anything!

It is a process that facilitates the body's healing mechanisms. It is a gift to an overburdened body. It is extremely effective in creating an internal environment where the body can do what it does best--heal itself. Which it is always trying to do. During a fast all the energy that is normally needed to digest food is available to restore the health of diseased organs.

Probably the best known Fasting Program for curing cancer is the Gerson Therapy. But this is not a two week program, but stretches over 18 months and is extremely demanding with a multitude of organic juices and enemas every day. However if the establishment has given you no hope of cure, and maybe only a short time left to live, then it is worth it. Beta Bishop in her book A Time to Heal (Amazon) gives a moving description of her struggle with cancer, conventional therapies, surgeons and her experience with the Gerson program. It is tough, but it cured her cancer.

Cancer truth has a wealth of information about cancer and cancer therapies and how the established medical society deals with this.

The Hippocrates Institute in Florida http://www.hippocratesinst.org/ has had some wonderful results with their raw food and juice fasting programs. Many testimonials from cancer patients.

Cancer - Step Outside the Box, by Ty M. Ballinger has a wealth of information about cancer and alternative cancer cures.

Online Cancer Guide  http://www.onlinecancerguide.com - A comprehensive resource providing complete information on various types of cancers such as prostrate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, throat, blood cancer, brain cancer, bone cancer, etc. Also know about the causes of these cancers, symptoms, various treatment methods.


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