janni jensenJanni Jensen (Janaki)

  • Physiospect Analysis
  • Bioscan
  • Reconnective Healing

Originally from the UK, Janni came to Moinhos Velhos 13 years ago, where she met Frank who is now her husband. Together they Facilitated the Detox Fasting programmes in the Sivanada Ashrams in India and Canada and here at Moinhos Velhos.

She did her TTC in 2009. Under Franks tutelage she trained on the Physiospect Biofeedback System and has a special interest in bacteria, viruses, parasites and autoimmune disease.

Now a great grandmother, she is mainly retired and works as a Physiospect and Bioscan practitioner. She also helps Frank train Doctors and Therapist around the world on the Physiospect.



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