Yevhenia Tatarovska

Yevheniia has been working at Moinhos Velhos for the past 3 years.
She is responsible for the guest accommodation and facilities.
She is always smiling and busy running around keeping everything spick and span.

Yevheniia is from the Ukraine. She is married to Ivor and they have
two children. The family arrived in Portugal in 2016.

In the Ukraine, Yevheniia went to medical college and qualified as a
village doctor? Equivalent in English, District nurse?

She is also qualified as a sports rehabilitator.
In the Ukraine, Yevheniia worked for 13 years in a children’s hospital in the emergency and anaesthetics departments.

Unfortunately for Yevheniia her qualifications are not recognised in Portugal.
She speaks very limited Portuguese and no English.   Ivan has to translate and Google translator comes in handy.
If you need something in the room, clean towels or whatever, unless you speak Ukrainian, please advise Debby or Mel, and they will make sure that it gets done.  

We are very happy to have Yevheniia working at Moinhos Velhos.
Not only is she good at her job, but we also benefit from her extensive hospital experience.

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