sonia scholzSonia Scholz

  • Acupuncturist and Manual Therapist
  • Tui Na

Sonia Scholz is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Manual Therapist recognised by the NHS (NHS accreditation nr: 0501307)

She was born in 1990 in Berlin and moved to Portugal in 1991. After completing high school in Science and Technologies, she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at Dr. Pedro Choy’s University in Lisbon. Coming back to the Algarve, she worked with Peter Hall a well-known Acupuncturist to ground her knowledge. Through Peter she got to know Maria Mercati, a pioneer of Chinese Manual Therapy (TuiNa) in Cheltenham, England.

Sonia went on a journey to meet Maria Mercati who founded Bodyharmonics Centre where she trained to achieve Master TuiNa practitioner (Traditional Chinese Medical Massage and Manipulation). Furthermore, she completed CPD courses with Danny Van Laethem in Electroacupuncture and Mycrosystems acupuncture including the Detox combo for addictions.

Sonia has been part of the Therapists team at Moinhos Velhos since the beginning of 2018. With her wide array of knowledge she adapts her treatments to best suit our client’s needs.


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