Therapies offered at Moinhos Velhos detox fasting retreats


Therapies at Moinhos Vlehos
Therapies are €70 per hour.



Therapies Explained

Herbal Stamp Massage

The blend of herbs activates the metabolism, helps to alkaline your body, to relieve muscle and join pain, increases blood circulation and nourishes and revitalizes the skin.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

The focus in this treatment is the head (Cranio), the spine and the Sacrum. By using a soft therapeutic touch we manipulate the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid to support the immune system, the central nervous system and a profound activation of self-healing.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymph is the key to keeping your immune system working properly. Improving the flow and drainage of lymph around the body is very beneficial for reducing water retention, boosting your immune system and improving your metabolic rate.

Access Consciousness BARS

The BARS are 32 points on the head where you have stored all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, emotions and attitudes that you thought were important in any lifetime. When your BARS are therapeutically touched, your brain waves actually slow down and allow behavioral patterns, belief systems and points of view to be accessed. You start to become more present and change the probable outcomes of future possibilities.

Spinal Touch

The fundamental and central theme of this therapy known as Painless Spinal Touch Treatment (PSTT) is to restore the body to health by rebalancing the Centre of Gravity which enables a correction of posture.

Meridian Face Massage

Meridian Face Massage reduces tension in the head, promotes lymph drainage to release toxins and stimulates many acupressure points along 8 meridian pathways.

Heavy Metal Treatment (30 mins)

This treatment uses kinesiology muscle testing along with magnet therapy to reduce the heavy metal from your body.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is based on the traditional Swedish style, but is also a powerful combination of various other massage techniques to help bring maximum relief in a body that is slightly out of balance.  It encourages your body to begin its own healing therefore, potentially guarding against any future disease that may of been caused due to the effects stress can have on the body.

Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage helps de-stress and loosen up your body and is great for those who have had a hard working week or feel like treating themselves to some TLC! The treatment consists of flowing strokes, kneading and gentle manipulations of the muscles.

Reiki Indigo Energy Therapy

Indigo Reiki blends the energies of Reiki and the color Indigo. Indigo Reiki has a very pleasant, tranquil feeling. It feels very much like the qualities that are symbolized by the color Indigo: intuition, clarity, deep contemplation, meditation, wisdom, insight, perception, power, integrity, imagination, inner communication, clairvoyance, self-realization, knowledge and inner vision.

In a treatment Reiki energy flows from the practitioners hands into the client. The client is usually laying on a massage table but treatments can also be given while the client is seated or even standing. The client remains fully clothed. The practitioner places her/his hands on or near the clients body in a series of hand positions. These include positions around the head and shoulders, the stomach, and feet. Other, more specific positions may be used based on the clients needs.

Physiospect Analysis

This cutting edge diagnostic and therapy unit of the future originates from Russia. The Physiospect is an NLS biofeedback system, connected to a computer it can diagnose and treat almost every known pathological condition, disease and illnesses, even before there are any physical symptoms. The Physiospect will determine the stress level of all organs and systems, it can select the most appropriate allopathic and/or homeopathic remedies, as well as suitable foods, herbal and nutritional remedies, and can identify emotional and physiological issues.

The Physiospect provides the therapist with the most unique tool for scanning the various organs and systems of the physical body without having to make a medical or surgical intrusion. As a preventive tool the Physiospect is unique in that it can detect a problem before there are any physical symptoms, and with the Meta Therapy the process can be reversed and illness prevented. Even with cancer if detected early enough.

But please be aware that the Physiospect as such does not heal, nor does it claim to heal.

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a form of hands-off energy work which utilizes newly re-established frequencies now available to us, and which we use to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. The Reconnective energies offer a more comprehensive spectrum of frequencies that includes and expands beyond any and all known forms of energy healing.

As the energies are introduced during the session you may become aware of various sensations such as warmth, tingling, or sometimes what feels like a gentle breeze.  Many people report feeling the ‘energy’ and seeing vivid colours during a session. What each person experiences is unique and is not determined or controlled in any way by the practitioner. The physical body responds to the energies with visible and tangible indicators, or registers, which often take the form of rapid eye movements and movements of hands, feet or other parts of the body. This is confirmation that you have entered a state where the healing can occur.

The energies are initiated by the Reconnective Healing Practitioner at the start of the session, and continue working with you long after your visit has ended. Usually, one to three sessions is recommended, with each session taking approximately 30 to 45 mins. After that, there will be time to ask questions and give feedback on what you experienced. 

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is a gentle dynamic process of balancing the body and redirecting energy flow, achieved my minimal movements across muscles, connective tissue and reflex points. By this simple method, energy is released into key areas of the body, reducing muscle spasm, increased blood supply, and stimulating lymphatic drainage. This results in the clearance of toxic debris and the release of tension thus enabling the body’s powers of recovery and repair to restore health and function.

Tachyon Energy

´The glue of the universe and the ultimate tool for growth and pain relief´

From Sakshin…

I always like to explain Tachyon energy as follows; it´s like watching a movie in the cinema. Images are printed in sequence on a transparent celluloid tape. And when the tape is rapidly before the lens, the apparent movie shows in front of our eyes. Without the celluloid tape, the carrying layer, the movie wouldn`t exist. The images of the movie are like the various frequencies in existence and the celluloid tape is like the Tachyon energy fields. They carry the frequencies but have none of their own.

Your body is formed out of two cells merging and dividing itself into many, many more. Thus resulting in the beauty that you are. But how does a cell know what kind of cell to become and how to behave?

This vital information of ‘what to be’ and ‘how to behave’ comes to the cell from the infinite source around us. Each cell and the atoms it is made of constantly interact with the source of all that is and this information is carried on a Tachyon energy field.

Now, if this interaction with the source is somehow blocked, the cells don’t get the right or incomplete information about their optimal behavior through the Tachyon energy fields. And these blockages, a Tachyon energy practitioner like Sakshin can bend loose, like a magician can break a spoon with two fingers just by softly stroking it. The principle is the same.

All frequencies are just that, until they have the ability to travel. And they not just travel through space, they float on a layer of Tachyon energy.  

Thai Massage

Thai massage, also called Thai yoga massage is an ancient technique of massage based on acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic medicine and yoga postures. The founder of Thai massage was the Ayurvedic doctor Jivaka Kumar Bhacca (see logo Thai Traditional Medical Society). He came from India and lived at the time of the Buddha (2500 years ago). In many ancient writings of those times he is praised for his medical knowledge, and for the treatment of many important people of that time, including the Buddha himself.

The philosophy behind Thai massage focuses on energy points and lines in the body called Sen. During a Thai massage the therapist stretches the client while simultaneously applying pressure on the Sen points and lines. The use of these Sen points and lines can also be found in some forms of Western physical therapy like manual therapy and myofascial techniques.

It’s the combination of stretching the body, meditative relaxation and the work on the Sen point and lines that make a Thai massage so effective. A Thai massage is normally given on a mat on the floor and the client can wear loose fitting clothes. The massage therapist will not only use his hands to stretch the body, but also his feet and elbows.

This form of massage is effective in dissolving muscle tension, and this effect can be noticed even the day after. By stretching the client in many different yoga postures, a Thai massage has the same beneficial effect on the body as a yoga session.

It promotes blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system and it stimulates digestion. The removal of toxins from the body due to the improved circulation and by stimulating the nervous system your immune system gets stronger, and a Thai massage is off course a great way to reduce stress due to its relaxing effect.


Acupuncture and Manual therapy can help you with:

  • Muscular Skeletal pains and aches (tension, back, neck, knee, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff..)
  • Unhealed injuries, post-operative recovery and illnesses
  • Digestive disorders (constipation, diarrhea, lazy digestions, bloating ..)
  • Lack of energy
  • Respiratory problems (sinusitis, rhinitis, cough, smoking…)
  • Gynecological disorders (PMT, painful menstruation/ovulation, irregular menstruations…)
  • Disorders of the nervous system (sleeping problems, stress, migraines, anxiety, restlessness, burnout…)
  • Release of deep emotional grief due to traumatic experiences (loss of a partner, family member, divorce…)
  • Boost imune system function
  • Support the body throughout the elimination process of toxins and wastes and increasing physiological functions.



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