Are there any famous people who have done the detoxification and purification program at Moinhos Velhos?... is a question we have been asked several times.

During the 22 years that we have been running our fasting/detox programs at Moinhos Velhos we have had many famous people as our clients. From the media, the press, from the entertainment, legal, the sports and the medical field, (yes even the medical).

The BBC called us up a couple of years ago. They were doing a feature on Algarve and they very much wanted to include Moinhos Velhos in the program. Which made us happy. They then asked What famous people had done your program. Our answer as always was: Sorry but we do not give out the names of our clients. BBC then insisted: But we must have some famous names. You have to give us one or two names if you want to be included in the feature. Too bad, we never divulge our clients names.

However we were featured on Portuguese TV a couple of years back, with a feature that was repeated several times at news time. We thought it was very good, all of our Portuguese acquaintances commented on it, and within a few hours Portugal's RTP (the equivalent of England's BBC) showed up with a camera crew.

We refused to allow the camera crew on the property. We told them the same as we have told everyone else, we will be most happy to accommodate you. Just make an appointment and give us time to warn our clients that there is a media crew arriving. Of course then it was no longer news. Most clients are quite happy to be on TV or featured in a magazine article, but some may not want that.

Last year we had a famous French movie star, who wore the type of hats that only movie stars wear to hide her identity from everyone. However this is rather difficult to do in the sauna, where everyone is more or less nude. Fortunately she soon relaxed, dropped the hat and the mask and became just François (not her real name).

Some time back we had a booking inquiry which also asked: Do you accept famous people? and will the media be a problem?

Our answer was: Yes we accept famous people as long as they do their own dishes. No the media will not be a problem unless you bring them.
Apparently that was not the answer they were looking for as the booking was never confirmed.

celelebity detox pool

We once had a client who had been sent here by a famous Health Clinic on Harley street in London. He was, or thought he was a famous producer, and when he was told that he had to wash his own cup and juice mug, he refused and stated. I do not do dishes, I have servants to do that. (Novo rich). He then went to his room , got a 50 pound note which he slipped to one of the staff and said. Do my dishes for me.

No he did not get away with it. When he left the table one of the other guest ran after him and said... Hey you left your cup on the table, and made him come back and rinse it out. And that is all you have to do, rinse out any remaining Bentonite and Psyllium husk powders from your cup and mug, before they are put into the dishwashing machine. Otherwise our drains will plug.

He had also come to Moinhos Velhos for the wrong reason, primarily to loose weight. When he showed up the first day for morning meditation and yoga in his celebrity suit, Panama hat and silk handkerchief, and promptly had to show off his alligator shoes, snake skin belt and exotic wallet, I said to him: Look I think you have come to the wrong place.

He was difficult, but in the end he was OK, and wrote the following in our guest book.

Thank you so much for your help and understanding. The body has benefited greatly, but the mind was on strike the whole time

Frankly I do not understand this current obsession with celebrities. Yes we have been honoured and have enjoyed the company of some famous people with brilliant minds, doing our fasting program, but not all celebrities are brilliant or clever. Here at Moinhos Velhos the person sitting next to you at the juicing table may be a famous heart surgeon, a movie star or a waitress from Amsterdam. You will not know unless they elect to tell you, as here we are all on first name basis only. All masks and pretences can be dropped. We want you to elect to come to the Moinhos Velhos Fasting program, not because of the fact that one of England's most prominent politicians recently completed our program, but because as she, you will select Moinhos Velhos for its unique effectiveness in producing a complete detoxification and purification on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our programs are for Body - Mind - Spirit. Our detoxification programs with our unique combination of powders and herbs with Yoga and Meditation, Colon Cleansing, Alternative Therapies, salt water pool and hot tub, Sauna and Nature Walks will give you the opportunely to completely detox and cleanse. No we do not propose to heal you, but we will give you the opportunely to heal yourself. Which you body is always trying to do, on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

But why do we not exploit the opportunely to promote our programs through the many celebrities who have participated in our sessions. Quite frankly, we do not have to. The programs are able to stand on their own feet. Besides not all celebrities are that clever, some are just stupid. We have been most fortunate that the celebrities who have elected to come to Moinhos Velhos have all been brilliant.

Yes we appreciate and welcome our famous celebrities. But we do not want to exploit the fact that they have selected Moinhos Velhos for their detoxification program. S.... who has been to Moinhos Velhos 4 times, who is married to one of England's most famous football stars, who is quite a celebrity in our own right, ( no it is not Victoria, but close) when asked why she keeps on returning to Moinhos Velhos.
She answered.
Because I feel safe here.
And that is the way it is going to continue to be.


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