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Steeped in Healing and Experience

At Moinhos Velhos we have been successfully running retreats for over 25 years. So not only is our entire site steeped in the history and energy of the hundreds of people who have stepped through our doors having positive experiences, but our entire team has priceless knowledge of what it takes to give you the platform to lead similarly transformational retreats for your guests!

Nestled in a  secluded valley with an abundance of quartz crystal naturally embedded in the Earth, Moinhos Velhos affords you the possibility to host your guests in a beautiful, energising and regenerative location. The site covers 16 hectares but is within an area of several thousand hectares of natural beauty. 

Whilst we are in one of the most tranquil locations you can imagine, tucked in besides the Barragem (dam) we are also remarkably well located in terms of key amenities.


  • 5 minutes (walking) from the magnificent Barragem da Bravura
  • 15 minutes from Lagos
  • 20 minutes from world class beaches
  • 1 hour from Faro airport 

Perfectly Peaceful

Our retreat offers total privacy and attractive accommodation for up to 19 people, including hosts. We are able to accommodate a multitude of possibilities from afternoon workshops to weekend retreats through to one week or longer immersive programmes.

We are perfect for a wide range of retreats such as:

  • Health and wellness: Yoga, meditation, detox, movement, hiking, stand up paddle boarding
  • Creative: Writing, drawing, drama, art and crafts
  • Corporate: Wellness retreats, professional development, team-building and think-tanks

We provide a secluded, meditative environment which lends itself to a sense of peace and creativity.  


Our accommodation onsite is for a capacity of 15 people (including hosts) consisting of:

  • 3 single rooms
  • 4 twin rooms
  • 2 twin cottages

All rooms and cottages are en suite, with the cottages benefitting from having an individual bathroom for each occupants. The dormitory space is serviced by it's own bathroom.   

Staff and Therapists Available

We are also able to provide members of our team to help support your retreat in a number of roles. 

  • We have a team of therapists available including: massage, energy work & acupuncture
  • Yoga and meditation teachers
  • Talk and workshop facilitators: We have a trained nutritionist on site and experts in wellness and the body-mind connection who can offer talks
  • Food preparation: We are blessed to have talented chef's as part of our team

Site Amenities and Facilities

The main building has a dining room and two kitchens - one for serving guests, the other for staff use. There is also a living room, which can also be used as a secondary group activity / workshop space along with the guest dining area. Both these rooms have a wood burning heater.

Outside the dining room and kitchen there is a large terrace with comfortable seating. In the summer time part of this area is shaded by an overhead grape vine. A broad stone stairway leads down to the yoga temple and pool.

We also have onsite:

  • yoga temple
  • therapy clinic with 3 rooms
  • salt water pool
  • sauna
  • hot tub
  • spiral walk garden

Lagos and The Area Surrounding Moinhos Velhos

Surrounding Moinhos Velhos is an area of outstanding natural beauty which affords many opportunities for hiking, particularly around the Barragem da Bravura. Lagos is a historic seafaring city which has transformed itself into a popular tourist destination, lying alongside a stunning coastline with its vast beaches, dramatic cliff formations and powerful Atlantic waves.

Not only is it visually stunning area - and home to the famous Ponte De Piedade - it makes a great stop off point for your guests before or after the retreat and the surrounding area also is perfect for a day trip. As it's such a well appointed tourist destination you will find an abundance of amenties and attractions such as:

  • Kayaking 
  • Boat Cruises 
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Horse Riding
  • Off Road Mountain Biking
  • World class beaches such as Dona Ana and Caminho

Promotion and Marketing

As part of your rental package we are also happy to assist you with marketing your retreat in the following ways:

  • Listing your retreat on our website 
  • Listing your retreat on our Facebook events page (which currently has 15k followers)  
  • Sharing your retreat with our mailing list 

We can also provide you with high resolution images of our site which you can share via your own marketing platforms.

Prices and Further Information

For prices and further assistance and information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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