Accommodation & Facilities at Moinhos Velhos

We have a variety of options for your stay with us. 

  • single rooms
  • twin rooms
  • twin cottages

All rooms and cottages are en suite, with the cottages benefitting from having 2 bathrooms - an individual bathroom for each occupant. 

All the bathrooms are fitted with a Clysmatic gravity colonic cleansing unit which is used as part of the juice detox programmes. All rooms also have wifi, mosquito nets and pristine nature right outside your door!

Moinhos Velhos since 1992

The Mill

Moinhos Velhos means "Old Mills" and the building which was the mill before the barragem (dam) was built is now converted into two single rooms, both en suite.

Main Guesthouse

The main guesthouse houses three twin rooms and one single room, again all en suite. There is a large terrace with fabulous views towards our gardens.

Twin Cottages

We have two wooden cottages which are our most popular accommodation. The cottages are equipped with two bathrooms, one for each occupant.

Moinhos Velhos since 1992


The Yoga Temple

The yoga temple is a beautiful setting for the morning classes and evening meditation workshops. Hanging inside the temple we have pictures of 40 ascended masters, to remind us that ultimately we aren't just here to detox our bodies but also to learn a thing or two about enlightening our spirit! Guests often comment about the strong energy in the temple, and in a lot of ways it's the heartbeat of the site (along with the juice kitchen!)

The Main Building

The main building has a dining room and two kitchens, one dedicated for making the juices. Adjoining the office is the guest living room, which is very cozy with a wood burning heater. 

Outside the kitchen and dining room, which is also equipped with a wood burning stove, there is a large terrace with comfortable seating. In the summer part of this area is shaded by an overhead grape vine. Just stretch out your hand and pick the grapes - unless you are juice fasting of course! A stone stairway leads down to the yoga temple and pool.

Moinhos Velhos since 1992

Salt Water Pool

The pool is a salt water pool. Approximately 12m x 6m we use no chemicals in the water. A special conversion units splits the salt atoms into natural chlorine and oxygen, providing a chemical free pool. It is truly a pleasure to swim in this water, it feels like silk on the skin.

We use the pool 12 months of the year. 

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna (with wood burning stove) is adjacent to the pool and is extremely popular year round! In the winter when the water temperature of the pool can drop to 14 degrees, it can be extra invigorating to first have a sauna and then a quick dip in the pool. We have gender specific timeslots for the sauna, as well as a mixed period too.


Moinhos Velhos since 1992

The Therapy Clinic

Past the temple is the clinic. This building has four rooms and one toilet. There are three therapy rooms with a selection of holistic therapeutic equipment, including a QRS electromagnetic bed that has various pre-programmed options to support various conditions, and parasite zapping equipment, both of which are free to be used at your convenience.

There is also a reading room with a large selection of spiritual and health related books.

Altogether we have 12 buildings on the 16 hectare property plus a large (160 square meter) greenhouse and terraced gardens.

Moinhos Velhos since 1992


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