The goal with our juice fasting detox programs at Moinhos Velhos is to facilitate detoxification and purification on all levels: physical - mental - emotional - spiritual

The more subtle, spiritual aspects of the juice fasting programs are very important to us, just as the more subtle aspects of our very being - our thoughts and feelings - are also very important to us! Every day includes yoga and meditation (suitable for beginners) and we chant Om and Om Namah Sivaya, the latter representing the destruction of the old for the new and purified soul to come into being. Yoga has been an integral part of our juice fasting programs from the very beginning, with Frank having a strong affiliation with Sivananda Yoga. 

We do feel connected to the earth and the sun, the devas and the nature spirits and we want to work in harmony with all living things. All of our produce is organically grown and we do not allow any pesticides or chemically fertilizer on our soil. We have been conducting these programs for over thirty years, 29 at Moinhos Velhos (2021).

We limit participation in our retreats to a maximum of 15 clients, thus we can give each and every one of you the individual attention that you need and deserve. Our team are highly trained and have been involved in holistic health for many years.

Types Of Fast

There are many types of fasts. There is the water fast, the fruit fast, the rice fast, the juice fast, the grapefruit fast, even the prana (air) fast. We have tried them all, and the last one was tough. All the fasting programs have something to offer, but it is generally accepted that for a preventive and curative effect a liquid juice fast gives the body the best opportunely to detoxify and regenerate. Fasting is not a cure It is a process that facilitates the body's healing mechanisms. It is a gift to an overburdened body. It is extremely effective in creating an internal environment where the body can do what it does best - heal itself.

The Need For Juice Fasting

We believe that many health problems are caused, or made worse, by un-healthful accumulations within the body. These accumulations may be in the form of chemical toxins such as PCB's, Dioxin, pesticide residue, etc, or normal metabolic products that are present in abnormal amounts. Which is why fasting is so important

One of the most common questions asked is about fasting and metabolism. The fear is that while fasting, the metabolism will slow down and afterward there will be more weight gained than before the fast. Initially, any calorie reduction will cause a lowering in the BMR or base metabolic rate. Cleansing will bring health that will increase metabolic performance and energy output. In other words, you will eat less and feel more energetic.

Moinhos Velhos Head Nutritionist Ed van Tegelen

Other benefits of our juice detox program are an improvement in your mental clarity and concentration level, lowering of your blood pressure, lowering of the blood sugar levels and an increase in the cell’s insulin sensitivity. During the fast the body gets the chance to get rid of any excess fats that are stored in your cells. This means that after the fast your body has to produce less insulin to maintain your blood sugar levels at a steady level.

At Moinhos Velhos we also use a selection of herbs to loosen the deposits on the the intestinal wall, as well as psyllium husk and bentonite clay to facilitate the evacuation of the loosened debris. Then with the Clysmatic device for colon cleansing, the sauna for cleansing through the skin, our salt water pool and various holistic therapies, we achieve a total cleanse.

After breaking the fast, you will also notice that your taste buds are re-sensitized, and you will naturally prefer more simple and healthy foods. Combined with an overall reduction in your appetite, as your stomach will feel full faster, is what makes a juice detox a great tool to jump start a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Fasting is a Universal Natural Response to Increase and Recover Vitality

In Plato's Words

"I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency."

The ancient Greeks fasted for health and longevity, and were known for their robust physical health. Galen, Paracelsus and Hippocrates, who are recognized as the founding fathers of Western medicine, prescribed and practiced fasting for all serious ailments.

Pythagoras required his students to fast for 40 days to purify body and mind prior to receiving his highest teachings. Plato and Aristotle, whose thought forms the very warp and woof of Western philosophy, fasted regularly to enhance physical health and stimulate mental powers.

Hindu yogis are famous fasters and colon cleansers. Gandhi is well known for his extended fasting, and less remembered from the perspective of his colon cleansing. We have seen a movie from Rishikesh were the yogi swamis emerge themselves in the Ganges river with a tube in the rectum, drawing the water from the river into the colon, and the squirting the water out through the tube. (I think our Clysmatic device must be much easier!)

Animals always fast when they are sick. The Bible mentions fasting 74 times, and that Jesus himself fasted frequently, sometimes up to 40 days at a time recommending fasting and colon cleansing to restore the body to health.

Fasting is one of the ten canons of yoga.

In his code, the manu smriti, the great Hindu lawgiver, manu, prescribes fasting for the removal of the five capital sins. Diseases that are pronounced incurable by doctors are cured by fasting. Occasionally, a complete fast is greatly desirable for all to keep up good health, to give adequate rest to the internal organs and maintain celibacy. All diseases have their origin in overeating and verily fasting is the only method to cure this.

The traditional Taoist method of cleansing the colon involved therapeutic fasts combined with powerful herbal purgatives that dissolved mucus and dredged debris from the colon. These methods are mentioned as far back as the third century BC, in the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine.

So colon cleansing is not something new, but has been practiced for over 2000 years. If diseases were caused by impurities and toxins 2000 years ago, how much more vital must it be to fast and cleanse today, when we live in a world putrefied with chemicals and toxins. Welcome!

Quartz Crystals and Synchronic Lines

Moinhos Velhos has some very special energies. Totally secluded, away from all the popular tourist areas, a valley of its own, projecting a mystical energy. At the time we did not know what it was, but later discovered that there are thousands of small quartz crystals in the ground all around in the valley, and that Moinhos Velhos is directly on one of the twelve synchronic lines, which join together at only 2 places, one is at Damanhur in Italy and the other is in Tibet.

The synchronic lines are identified as a network of streaming energy that spills out over planet Earth and links up all worlds where life exists, energy streams that catalyze the great forces of the cosmos. They are special lines of communication that become amplifiers of emotions, carrying information which reaches out to all living beings, irrespective of language differences, since they act on the principle that like attracts like. They cross our Earth like vibrant highways of energy uniting far distant points.

One of our original founders, Anne Karine fostered this connection between Moinhos Velhos and Damanhur by making regular visits to the spiritual scientific artistic community that is based there. 

Later in meditation we were also informed that Moinhos Velhos is also one of the light centers in the world, and that we should concentrate on bringing in The Light.

Divine Protection?

During the terrible fires in 2003 which destroyed thousands of hectares of forest, devastated many homes, killed several people and a multitude of animals, which in our area raged completely out of control for one week and left everything around us in black cinder, not one blade of grass was harmed in our valley.


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