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Frank Jensen


Frank is one of the co-founders of Moinhos Velhos. His speciality is kinesiology and Physiospect analysis. In January 2020 Frank left his physical body and started the next chapter of his journey. Frank and Janni together over a period of several years also facilitated the detox fasting programs in India and Canada.

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Janni Jensen


Originally from the UK, Janni came to Moinhos Velhos 13 years ago, where she met Frank who is now her husband. Together they Facilitated the Detox Fasting programmes in the Sivanada Ashrams in India and Canada and here at Moinhos Velhos.

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Debby Van Tegelen


Debby is one of our Yoga teachers and facilitators. After working 11 years as a nurse in a Dutch hospital, she started to develop more interest in alternative ways to heal the body and mind. After leaving the Netherlands and travelling for 2 years through Asia, she arrived together with her husband Ed in 2016.

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Ed Van Tegelen


Ed arrived together with his wife Debby in 2016 at Moinhos Velhos. Originally from the Netherlands. after travelling for 2 years through Asia they have now settled in Portugal. Ed is our head nutritionist and phenomenally knowledgable about the subject. He uses an evidence-based approach to cut through the confusion about nutrition and will give you advice that’s firmly rooted in science.

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Chris Lloyd Pack


Chris is one of our Yoga teachers and facilitators. A background in organic and wholefoods and juicing for patients on the Gerson diet, Chris (Narayana) is passionate about Juice Fasting for the wonderful effects on the body and mind and spirit.

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Karen Lloyd Pack


Karen is one of our Yoga teachers and facilitators, she has 15 experience here at Moinhos Velhos helping support and guide our clients through all aspects of the Juice Fasting programme. ‘Regular cleaning of the body is essential for good health, shining from the inside out’.

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Richard Brook

Facilitator Acupuncturist

Richard has over 20yrs experience in wellness and specialises in 5 Elements acupuncture, Dru yoga, wellness coaching and the Environment-Body-Mind connection. He began at Moinhos in 2014 and is passionate about understanding and creating what you need to have a successful life

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Trixie Denneborg


Trixie is a very successful independent massage therapist. She has been practicing since 1993 and has international experience delivering a range of treatments designed for physical and mental wellbeing and conditioning improvement. Originally from Vienna, Austria, she has been living in the Algarve for many years, operating across a wide European and North American clientele.

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Sakshin De Groot


Sakshin is a Dutch Freeman who works with Tachyon energy since 1996. He received his training by the discoverer David Wagner himself. Since his training he ran a very successful Tachyon treatment practice in Amsterdam.

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Anne Pires


Anne has been working with us at Moinhos Velhos since 2015 and has a very gifted array of skills which range from massage to more subtle energy based practices.

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Bo & Django

Guardians of Moinhos Velhos

Bo and Django are the self-appointed Guardians of Moinhos Velhos. In the process of checking every newcomer out, they usually make a lot of noise, but actually they are all love. Django in particular loves everyone, and he thinks that everyone LOVES him!!!

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Anne Karine Moss


Moinhos Velhos was co-founded in 1992 by Frank Jensen and Anne Karine Moss. Anne Karine left her physical body in February 2018 but her energies are still very much present, particularly in her beloved garden. Anne Karine was passionate about only using natural products, no chemical fertiliser was ever allowed in the garden, which has now been organic for 27 years, and all paints and cleaning products had to be organic. To her memory an almond tree was planted in front of the Yoga temple.


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