frank jenson

Frank Jensen

  • Physiospect Analysis
  • Kinesiology

Frank was introduced to Yoga in 1971. This completely changed his life. In 1973 he became a Sivananda certified Yoga instructor. He studied with Swami Vishnudevananda, the creator of all the Sivananda Yoga centers in America and Europe, the Autor of The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga. Frank then spent several years as a full- time staff member at the ashrams in Canada and The Bahamas, and later on also at the Sivananda ashrams in the USA and India. Frank was given the name of Parameshwara and in 1979 the title of Yoga Acharya (Master of Yoga).

Through yoga Frank was introduced to alternative and complementary therapies. He studied with the German Heilpraktiker school where he was introduced to Kinesiology and Touch For Health. He did every course available in Europe, and then went to Pasadena to the clinic of John Tie, the founder of Touch For Health, where Frank studied to become an International Touch For Health instructor. He conducted workshops in Canada, the USA, Spain, Portugal, the UK and India. Frank further went on to become a Three in Facilitator (Muscle testing with Emotions, Flower Remedies and Essential oils)(Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whitefield, a PHP practitioner (Professional Health Provider. Muscle testing according to Dr Drew from New Zealand) Frank is also an Educational Kinesiology instructor (Paul Dennison) and with this he has great success in eliminating Dyslexia.

Frank and Janni together over a period of several years also facilitated the detox fasting programs in India and Canada. In January 2020 Frank left his physical body and started the next chapter of his journey.



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