bo djangoBo & Django

Bo and Django are the self-appointed Guardians of Moinhos Velhos.
In the process of checking every newcomer out, they usually make a  lot of noise, but actually they are all love.  Django in particular loves everyone, and he thinks that everyone
 LOVES him!!!
They are both rescue dogs, Bo showed up late one evening, shivering, backed into a corner by our dogs in residence at the time. He was however so lovely that we decided to keep him.
Django was salvaged from a garbage container. He was the runt of the litter, and probably had problems getting his share of food. He will eat anything. Django also loves going for a ride in the car. His idea of a nice walk is going for a car ride. Bo on the other hand will absolutely not get in the car. He was probably traumatised and dumped at the Barragem? So while Django is residing gracefully in the backseat of the car, Bo loves to see who can go the fastest, him or the car. We have clocked him at 48 Km an hour.

Bo and Django resides in the upstairs cottage previously  known as Janni’s and Frank’s  cottage, but which should be renamed: Bo’s and Django’s cottage.  They are very helpful here and always lets us know when the phone rings.  They are so loud about this that you  can’t hear if the phone is still ringing.

If you are Allergic to dogs (or cats), request an allergy session with Frank.  He has an 95% success in eliminating allergies. It is a little expensive, but no cure, no pay.


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