21 Day Fast - Fasting for 21 days on Prana, Light & Water

Fasting and Living on Prana - Living on Light is a concept propagated by Jasmuheen and the Self Empowerment Academy in Australia. Frank and Anne-Karine were inspired by her writings, after in 1991 she claimed to have been living on Prana for 7 years, taking no solid foods.

We went to her workshop in Wales to learn about Living On Light, and we were inspired. We felt that it would be a tremendous forward step on our path of spiritual evolution if we could learn to live on Prana. The process to achieve this goal is known as The 21 Day Process, where for the first seven days nothing is consumed, except air, the next seven days some water and diluted juice, and the last seven days diluted juice and water. Along with this meditation and visualization of a cosmic drip, and surrendering to the Divine within.

The concept is that with this 21 Day Fast there will be a realignment of the body's energies, and afterwards there is no need to consume any foods, the body will be nourished by cosmic energies. Apart from the Spiritual benefits, which was our reasons for wanting to do it, there are also some practical benefits, no more shopping for food, no more dishes to wash.

Both Anne Karine and Frank felt that effecting this transformation would be an extraordinary achievement and both decided to do the 21 Day Fast in the fall of 2001. Here is Frank's daybook of his experience with this process. This diary was written for his own personal use, and upon rereading it prior to publishing it on the web, he was tempted to edit many entries. However this was not done, what follows is the exact experience and the emotions felt and recorded during the fast.


Day 1

We had decided that day one would start at 12 midnight on October 11 (2001). However I was running behind getting the last few things done. As the clock was approaching midnight I was informed that there was no water anywhere in the house. I had to switch over from the borehole to the barragem water supply. I had not expected this to happen. I had shown Jem and Koram how to do this, but had not made it an important item, as I did not expect it would happen, and I think they would have had problems trying to figure it out. So it was a good thing it happened when it did, but it did put me further behind with my paper work. However a little while later I was informed that there was no hot water. It took a while to figure that one out, in the end I had to change batteries on the hot water heater. The last time we had to do that was two years ago so this certainly was not one of the things that I had instructed them in.

With all of the above it was 1.30AM before I was finished and down to my room. So day one started not at 12 midnight but at 1.30AM. I had really intended to be very pure during the last few days before entering into the process. I was fairly good with the food, although I was snacking more and more as I was getting a little frustrated and stressed last night. And with the snacks came several glasses of wine. Not what I had intended, but that was what I did. So this morning it would have been very nice with some water. My mouth does not taste that good.

I woke up at daybreak and had a really nice long hot shower. Such a pleasure to have a decent shower room. My shower at the house is terrible. I meditated briefly with the sunrise, and then started unpacking and getting my room ready, finding extension cords, picking flowers etc. I also decided to pick up the laptop and to write this report on the computer rather than using the writing block that I had been supplied with. With my handwriting nobody can read what I write anyhow, and I would have had to rewrite it all on the computer later. So I do not feel that having the computer is wrong as long as I restrict my use of the of the computer to the writing of this report.

By 10 AM I am all ready and I relax in the sun on the terrace. Total peace and playing the Dolphin Radiance music. For a short time I went into deep meditation. It is so beautiful and tranquil here. Looking out over the valley with the old mill ruin to the left, I can not imagine a more perfect setting for doing the process. I am really looking forward to these three weeks. I started rereading the Living on Prana book. It had been my intention to completely reread this book before going into the process. But with all the things happening the last few days, particularly having to unexpectedly complete the Association accounts for the past three month, there just was not any time. But in starting to read it now, I soon realized that I should slow down to allow the process to happen. So I am feeling fine, with lots of energy, but that does not mean that I should run around.

So the afternoon and evening was spent in quiet. Some reading, some just being. Decided to have a clysmatic. I know that Jem felt it was not correct to do a clysmatic during the first week, as some moisture could enter through the intestinal wall. I do not exclude that possibility but I feel it is so important to have the intestines clean and to do whatever I can to eliminate the toxins from my system to facilitate the easiest process. I also had another long hot shower. And showers are recommenced in the book. The moisture from the shower on my lips was enough to satisfy any thirst, and I was careful to spit out any drops that entered my mouth. But some moisture has to be absorbed by the skin. Earlier in the day I had also asked for an etheric drip, but I feel that for me the connection should be in the neck and not in the kidney region.

Shut off the lights and went to sleep immediately around 10.30.


Woke up around 6.30, before daybreak. I felt quite different. It is hard to find the words. Not heavy, yet heavy, not weak, yet weak. I started doing my regular morning pranayama and meditation and then remember that I should discontinue any regular practices like this during the process. So I put on Jasmuheen`s pranic breathing meditation disk. Played half of it, and then stopped to go outside as the sun was coming up. For the first time in several months it had been raining heavily during the night, and the air this morning was so bright and clear. I let myself be filled with this brilliant morning light.

One of my caretakers, Koram, came early this morning. Among things that we talked about was the concern that my other caretaker, Jem, had expressed when they both visited last evening. Jem had noticed my several holobulbs and asked me weather I needed them. I got a little surprised as I thought he wanted to borrow them, and I told him: NO I do not need them, but I want them. It turned out he did not want to borrow them, but he was concerned that by having the holobulbs in the room I was stopping the process from happening. I do not think so, or I would not have them here. I believe that they help to facilitate an easier transition of the process. I hope so. I know that many or most get extremely week once they enter into the process. Jem could not walk anywhere after a few days, and Koram told me that at one stage he was so weak that he could not even make it to the toilet.

I realize that if there are any problems during the process, headaches, stomach pain, constipation or other physical symptoms, one cannot run and get external help. If you do then the process will stop. But I also wish to explore the possibility that with the proper preparations and aids the process can be made easier. Is it necessary to get so completely weak in order for the process to be happening?? I believe that anything that I can do at this early stage when the body is being purified before being transformed will facilitate an easier transition. Thus in July/August I did a 40 days juice fast, and in the 17 days preceding the start of this process I did a semi fast. No meals, only juices and broth, but not as pure as it could have been as I was indulging in some snacks, coffee, wine and a few cigarettes.

Ideally this should not have been so. Maybe I should have continued my 40 day fast right up to starting the process. But I broke my 40 day fast because it seemed as if I was doing the process without doing the process. I certainly was not in peace and quiet as I was running around from morning till night doing all sorts of things. With what I know today, (day two of the process) I think I should have continued my fast. But I did not!!!! In this I was also influenced by Jem who had broken his fast for two weeks prior to going into the process as he was worried about having lost weight and being weak. I also seem to have read somewhere someone else expressing the same opinion. However today (day two of the process) I believe them to be completely wrong and for the ultimate test of this I should have continued fasting up to starting the process. (Later on during the process I was to completely change my mind on this, but for a very different reason).

I did not do everything I could have done to be as free of toxins as possible prior to entering into the process. So I hope that using our technique for taking out my heavy metals and toxins, tuning my chakras and having the holobulbs on will facilitate and easier transition of this process. I did all this yesterday. Time will show.

I my also decide to use the Gbox later if I get permission to do so. But I will be very careful here to make absolutely sure that I have permission to use if. I did use it once during the 40 days fast when it felt as if my ribs were coming loose from my chest. Same feeling that I had when I was in intense meditation in India with my Sufi master. Using kinesiology I confirmed that it was appropriated to use the Gbox, and within 24 hours the problem was cleared. But it may not happen again.

Spent the afternoon in quiet continuing to reread the book Living on Light but as much just relaxing in the sun. Drifting in and out and really enjoying just being in the sun. Thought about doing some yoga but then did not feel that I had the energy for it. I have none of the symptoms listed in the book to be expected on the second day, except feeling weak. I have now definitely accepted the fact that I am feeling weak. Finished the afternoon with a nice, long hot shower.

Felt tired and sleepy in the early evening, and had about an hours sleep between 7 and 8. Turned the lights off to go to sleep again a little after ten. After some time I was no longer sleepy but awake, and I could visualize how all the different projects that we have on the agenda could be accomplished. Got out of bed, got dressed and wrote it all down. Finished at midnight .

Day 3

Dreamed that I woke up during the night, and my neighbor had been killed during the night. He was a doctor. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN I, BUT HE WAS KILLED INSTEAD. Was this a warning, or was this to tell me something? At 2.59 AM I woke up thinking it was morning. And now I had been killed. I got up to write this down right away, in case I should have forgotten it in the morning.

I believe that dreaming that I woke up and my neighbor the doctor had been killed was to tell me to stop using any help like lamps or others. I will discuss it with my caretaker in the morning. I think that dreaming that I was killed means that the soul has left.

There was a list, and the person next to me was killed instead of me. The question is why?? It was I who should have been killed. When I woke up, I had been killed and this was as it should have been. The reason that I thought it was morning was because it was bright and clear with almost a full moon.

I had only turned on my bedside light, just enough to write the few lines above, as I expected to go back to sleep right away. But I did not go to sleep. Instead I got very clear instruction how to retrieve our India tickets from the travel agent in London, without us having to go there a couple of days before hand. Also what to instruct our travel agent here with regards to tickets to London. All of this I have written down somewhere else.

As it was so bright, and I was not sleepy anymore, I got up again, went outside for a few moments to look at the moon, and then returned to reopen this notebook. I am so glad that I decided to have it here with me as otherwise these notes would probably never have been written down completely.

Went back to bed, but I was not sleepy. Got up, got dressed and went outside to lie and absorb the moonlight. Lovely night. However even with the blanket on after a while I got a little chilly. Came back in and decided to have a shower. NO WATER!!!! Sheice!!!! What to do now? Go back to bed and worry about what has happened to the water? I am not supposed to be doing anything about these things. BUT I FEEL GREAT!! According to the book I am not supposed to, but I do. So I decide to get dressed and to see if I can locate the problem. I find out that the switch for the pump for the barragem water is malfunctioning. I change over from Barragem supply to borehole supply. Will have to remember to  write a note to the gardener not to water till the problem is corrected. I am very glad that I did this. Solved a lot of problems for everyone. Maybe it was in order for me to do this that I had all this energy this morning. Now for a hot shower and then back to bed.

I just realized reading the copies from the book, that the spirit is not supposed to leave the body until tonight. After all this is only my third day, although it seems to have been going on for a long time.

And I am continuing to receive and download information and ideas about the future of Moinhos Velhos. It is all being very clearly mapped out with several different options. It is rather exciting.

But back to the spirit leaving the body last night. If it was not my spirit leaving my body with my death, then what was it????? Must remember to discuss this with my caretaker.

Did some yoga this afternoon. My body feels rather stiff, but part of this is from my fall the other day.

Also today I have none of the symptoms that I should have experienced according to the book. Not feeling as weak as I did yesterday. This is the same as my juice fasting experiences. The first couple of days are usually very tough. And then it gradually gets better. Not having anything to drink is of course is very different, so it will be interesting to see how I will be in the next few days.

On a completely different subject: some days ago when Prem had done my horoscope, he told me among other things that I should not speculate or gamble because I would loose. Well I have already in the past proven that to be so. But then he also said that I should not be afraid to borrow money for any project, because the money to repay would be there for sure. It told him that this was perhaps nice, but of absolute no interest to me, as I had no intention at all to borrow any money whatsoever, for any purposes at all. I was more than happy to be totally free of debts. I have been that way, more or less, for the past many years. No that is not quite true. I did borrow money to buy the house in Norway. I did borrow money to buy Surfpesca. But in both cases I did have collateral which when liquidated would cancel the loan. Anyhow, I had no intention of going into debt. Could not see any purpose or reason for it.

But here now we are going to expand. And to expand we have to go into debt. And if I have to commit myself to a debt, that feels perfectly OK now. Interesting is it not?

Day 4

7AM and it is still dark outside. I have set my first rest period to be between 8 and 10AM but maybe I have to put it back one hour till 9 o'clock .

This morning certainly is very different from yesterday. I feel very weak, feel like I have been in fight. Woke up the first time a few minutes after midnight . Some major shift had happened at 12 o'clock . Probably spirit leaving. I felt very weak and tired. Went back to sleep again and slept for about three hours. I was dreaming heavily but I am not very clear about what. Something to do with death, and that we had to go and post a card about it. JEM WAS VERY MUCH IN THE PICTURE. He offered to take me/us sightseeing through middle of Lagos. I was very much against it at first, as I was not supposed to leave this safe area. Jem explained that it was OK, we would be going in a safe car, and we would go around Lagos rather than into the center. But it was important that we get this card to the post office. So we went. There were a couple of other people in the car, but I do not know who they were.

I felt very weak and went back to sleep again. Was dreaming a lot but what I do remember does not make any sense. Cars and t-shirts, false teeth and fishing?

Woke up at 6.30. Still felt tired and weak, but not as badly as I had during the night. Got up and had a nice hot shower. How I enjoy those showers.

Lazy day. Not much energy. Felt weak and shaky. The flies irritated me much. Felt restless. However enjoyed the sun very much.

Started my 2 hours realignment periods today. Had the first one from 8 to 10. But that is too early as the sun is not up yet at 8 AM. So I am changing it to 9-11, 1-3 and 5-7.

The weather has changed. It is rather cold in the evening. But for a while, all rapped up in sweaters and blankets, I really enjoyed the fresh air. And then in to a nice warm room. All my senses are already so much more acute.

Felt thirsty this afternoon and asked for an increase in my drip and the thirst went away. Have not felt hungry but I would very much enjoy a cigarette and a glass of port. Ah well, one can not have everything.

Felt a very slight pain in the kidney region for a couple of hours. I was also belching and farting as if I had consumed a meal. I probably had, but of a different nature.

Went to sleep around 10.30-11.

fasting on prana with dawn at Moinhos Velhos

Day 5

Woke up at 5.30 after a perfectly normal night sleep, but my mouth was glued together. I had slept uninterrupted through the whole night; I did not even get up to pee, which I normally do at least once. As a matter of fact at no time so far during the process have I being peeing a lot, unlike Jem who peed the whole time. This is also what the book says one could expect. I have been peeing less then normal for me. Except for my mouth feeling as if it was glued together I felt fine and normal and I was therefore quit surprised when I got out of bed to see how weak I was. Had my first nice long hot shower. Among the many things that I enjoy with the shower is the few drops of water which enters the mouth, and I am very careful not to swallow but to spit out again. But here as I am writing this my mouth again feels as if it is glued together so I think I will have to ask for some ice today.

I am certainly glad that we have Koram and Jem here as care givers. Prior to going into the process I did not really appreciate how important a care giver was. Yes I did see how weak Jem got during his process, but I did not think that this would happen to me. In my superiority I felt that with my many years of fasting experience, and my recent 40 and 17 days fasting I would go sailing through this process like nothing. How wrong I was. I was partially influenced in my belief by Jasmuheen`s statement in her book, that with her preparations she went flying through the first week with a high level of energy. I was expecting something of the same. Ok. I have not been wiped out like Koram was, who could not even get out of bed. Or Jem who was very week for a few days. But I am very glad that they are here to support us. Because this has nothing to do with fasting, this is a very different process. The fasting and purification before the process is certainly a must to facilitate this transformation. Koram proved that it can be done without, but what hell he must have gone through.

Anyhow it will be interesting to see what the next few days will bring for me.

In my dreams last night I dreamt I was on a train. I had a look into the first class section, which was compartmented off into very exclusive compartments. We were raveling second class, but a young man who was with us had joined a young lady in the first class section. They had hit it off. Apparently her parents approved of the young man, but the conductor did not as he only had a second class ticket, and kicked him off, back to second class. Here he was able to promptly find/produce a first class ticket and was able to return to first class and his newfound companion.

Otherwise we were copying music CD's and writing the titles on the labels. That is all?

The day has gone fast. In my first realignments period this morning, I was very restless. The thoughts and ideas were running around in my head, and I could hardly wait for the period to be over so I could write it all down. In my second period I had a very important thought about 15 minutes after starting and thought it was better to write it down right away, rather than to lie there and anxiously await for the period to be over, so I could write it down then. This was OK. About 30 minutes later I had another thought, which I thought was also necessary to write down. I got up but by the time I sat down by my notebook I had forgotten what it was. The message came through very clearly. Once was permitted. But this is too much and do not let it happen again. Get you busy mind out of the process.

The session this evening was just beautiful. I felt like a new person coming out of it. Shortly after going into the session I asked for the angels. And they came flying of course. Angels of course have wings and fly. But in the forefront were three black angels. Black angels!!! Who has ever heard of any such thing? They looked more like Ravens. I asked: Are you an angel?? The answer was Yes. A black angel. I have never heard of a black angel!!! Yes we are black because we are here to absorb and extract the toxins, the poisons from all of your bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and all and any other bodies. We are black because this is the best way to absorb this. Later on we will transform and transmute it into love and light. Different and interesting.

I came out of the session this afternoon a different person. I thanked God for the peace and blessings of this valley. We have been so busy in the last few years that we have not had time to stop and really appreciate the valley, and what we have created here. It is so peaceful and lovely. I feel that I have been born again, and I thanked God for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. Everything I have done in the past has been leading up to this moment, the most important time in my life. I feel truly loved and blessed.

Day 6

Could not go to sleep last night. At 10.30 I was feeling sleepy and shut off the light. But I was restless and could not go to sleep. Tossing from side to side. Not that my head was that active, maybe a little, but I just did not go to sleep. After an hour I turned on the light again and started reading. At the moment I am reading The JOY Book which is very interesting in some of the parallels to what we are doing. However he cannot have the answer. Anyone who needs to walk around with an alarm clock to go off every 15 minutes to do his affirmations has not made the right connection, regardless of how effective his program is otherwise. At 00.30 I got up and had another 20 minute shower. I am feeling almost guilty about all these showers I am talking. Using so much water just for me. In the past a five minute shower has for me been a long shower. But how I enjoy indulging myself in these showers. It reminds me of my last visit to India when I had to start every morning off with buckets of hot water.

Got to sleep around 1.30 and awoke already at 4.30. Not sleepy any more. I got up but did I feel weak and wobbly!!! And my mouth was glued together. Ugh!!! I feel as if I have been in a drunken brawl. Even weaker this morning than yesterday. Staggered off for my first of several showers for the day. What a blessing. And this shower head is particularly good. We must get these Norwegian shower heads for all our bathrooms.

The moon is still almost full, very clear from the Moinhos beach area. So I got a cushion for the beach stool and wrapped myself in with blankets. Very crisp morning with high humidity. Beautiful to be bathed in the light of the moon. Later as it was becoming light I moved up to the terrace to great the sunrise.

This process certainly is very different from our juice fasting program. Wow!! There is no comparison. This is something completely different. However it makes me feel that in the future, when we have the extra accommodation, we may offer a water fast program as well as the 21 Day process for those who want to do this, if they have already done our regular 2 weeks juice fasting program or something similar. This will become the fasting valley of the world. I can see offering a water fast program for those who wants something different than our juice fasting program but is not ready for the 21 day process. Something in between the two.

At the beginning of this process I wrote that I was sorry that I had not continued my 40 day fast. Today I have completely changed my mind about that. If I had entered into this process after having juice fasted for 100 days, my ego would have said. Hei- I have fasted for 100 days and few days without water should not be a big deal. Fortunately I misbehaved in the last few days before the process with wine, coffee and cigarettes. The book says that all alcohol should be eliminated one week before the process, and at the very latest three days before the process. I think one the last evening, as I was dealing with one emergency after the other, I consumed almost half a bottle of port. (It was supposed to have been one glass), and I smoked my last cigarette ( which I had pinched from Nani earlier in the day, as I should not and did not have any) at 1.30 AM on the first day. I wanted to have that last cigarette. The last of the last cigarettes. Let us hope that this time it really is so. So having broken the rules, I expected to have to pay for it. Fortunately that I broke the rules, otherwise I think my ego would have been fighting the process the whole way and refusing to surrender. And surrender we must. This process has nothing to do with fasting. I can fast any time. But these 21 days are the most unique and important days in my life. And it is a once only opportunity. The same situation and circumstances will never happen again I thank God for this blessing. For as I have heard and repeated so many times, this process has nothing to do with eating or not eating, drinking or not drinking. This is a spiritual initiation. But to read it and repeat it is still not understanding it. Only one who has experienced the process can understand it. And this is only day 6.

I am wobbling around like a drunk and my caregiver Koram is very happy. He says I am truly in the process now. That makes me happy.

But apart from being extremely week, and having a mouth that tastes like a sewer, I have none of the other symptoms listed. Nor any of those experienced by Jem. Well we will se what the next few days will bring. I know I can have my first drink tomorrow, which would be lovely, but if I can manage to withstand the temptation, I will put it off till the next day.

I only had one contact during the realignment process this morning. For most of the time I was very restless. But then I had been meditating more or less since 5.30 AM . The contact that I made was 12 men or so sitting on a bench and dressed in black business suits. When I asked who they were the answer was: We are your realigners for today. What!! BEINGS OF LIGHT DRESSED LIKE BUSINESSMEN AND SITTING ON A BENCH LIKE JUDGES? (First black angels who look like ravens and now this?) Yes this is part of your realignment process. You have been running this place like a hobby for. This has been fine up till now. But things are changing and part of your realignment process is to learn how to run Moinhos Velhos as a businessman.

When I attempted to make contact with them a little later there was only a brief glimpse, and then my mind wandered off.

Had a real peaceful afternoon realignment. Completely different from this morning. The flies were just as persistent as yesterday, but they hardly bothered me. The sun was warm and beautiful, and when I opened my eyes to move I was surprised to see that there was only 15 minutes left of the session.

I am now getting greedy with the showers. Whereas I till now have been very happy with a nice long hot shower to be finished off with a cool one, this afternoon I began alternating, hot-cold, hot-cold, hot- cold. For half an hour. I felt that I was rinsing away all my impurities not only of the physical body, but of the aura on the bodies surrounding the physical body. Only a shower could give that feeling. As hot as I can take it and then full force with pure cold. Ah what bliss. And the whole time the water drops are falling into my mouth and I can continually rinse out and wash out my foul tasting mouth, being very careful not to swallow but to always spit out.

Physically I am totally wiped out. I have no strength at all. And I can hardly believe it. I want another shower before my next realignment session. Ah well - for the special pleasures in life.

Did my evening realignment out on Moinhos beach. We have created these gems and we have never had time to appreciate it. This little garden has truly magnificent energies. There is the 100 year old olive tree behind me, the Zen garden in front with the fish pond to the side and the wind making the bamboo talk. As the sun went down and the crisp evening air was flowing through the trees I could feel the purity and the prana in the air. It was magnificent. And this is the first time I have had the opportunity to just lay down and appreciate it all. I had the feeling I was being filled with prana.

I went into deep meditation for the first part of the realignment. Then the sun went down and immediately the air became quite chilly. I am so happy that we are doing the process now. I feel that with the rain the air has been cleared and purified. During the day the temperature is perfect for sunbathing, and in the evening there is a sparkle to the crisp air. However as I noticed that it was getting chilly and I was afraid that I would get cold, I asked if it as OK for me to get up and get another blanket. The answer was no. Stay put and you will not get cold. We will keep you warm. I will not get cold, and you will keep me warm? Answer: Yes we will keep you warm. I did not get cold. But then I noticed my feet getting cold. I looked at my watch and it was two minutes past 7. (Evening period 5-7).

The day has gone fast.

living on light & yoga temple


Day 7

Woke up already at 3.30. I thought: This is too early to get up... But I was fully awake and unable to go back to sleep. So I got up. Feeling very different from yesterday. My mouth still feels shitty, but not as glued together. My body feels more normal and I definitely have more energy. I am trying to remember my dreams but can only remember the last part. It has to do with legal and illegal deliveries of blocks of ice. Together with another driver we are on the docks with a horse and carriage delivering blocks of ice to various ships. Something is illegal, but I do not know what it is. As when we come to the checkpoint the guards shout out. It is OK. They have legal deliveries! And they let us through the checkpoint and on to the dock. The deliveries apparently are being made not on to the ships, but to a storage shed on the dock. As I swing around for my first delivery of two, I pass the second delivery shed. They shout out. Hey!! That is for us----Williamson. But no. I have to make the other delivery first. It would be something illegal if I delivered to Williamson first. Or rather the situation is that the Williamson delivery is actually an illegal delivery, but to give it the appearance of being legal I have to make the other delivery first?

I am in the shower and I worry that maybe I am showering too much. I am continually rinsing my mouth when I am in the shower and although I am very careful to spit out the whole time, it is inevitable that some drops get into the throat. Is this an illegal delivery, and is this why I want to shower so much.

I am feeling so good this morning. Reading Jem`s report he felt as terrible on the seventh and following day as any of the others. I am feeling so good. Is it that I am going through it faster or has the processed stopped because of too many illegal drops of water in the shower? And delivering big blocks of ice, and illegal deliveries? I have only asked for ice once, and decided not to ask for it again as it seemed very difficult to avoid swallowing some of the ice water.

In the shower this morning I enjoyed the cold water even more than the hot. It did not really seem cold but refreshing. I told Jem yesterday that I would not have my first drink today, as is allowed, but wait until tomorrow. He told me that yes; this was the right thing to do. This is what he had done, waited till the morning of the eighths day before having the first drink. But reading his report from his experience it is very different story. Here he clearly states that he had his first glass of water at 7AM and continued to drink water the whole day?? I wonder if Jem sometimes is fooling himself between what he wants to do, and what he does. Like when he came out of the process he was soon drinking as much juice as I and taking twice as much soup? Or when he later on made what I considered a stew but because it had water in it he called it a soup?? As I see it the real test is after the 21 day process is over. It is relatively easily to not eat and to drink limited amounts during this period of doing nothing. Afterwards when I am back in the busy world running around doing this and that, this is when the real test comes. If you then as Jem is drinking 3 lifters of juice and 3 to 4 large bowls of soup, how do you then know that you are living on Prana and Light and not on liquids ??? I think one has to be very careful of this when coming out of the process or the system could be completely confused. Am I living on Prana or am I living on liquids?

I understand that Jem is doing very well now with Koram here.

Please let me make it clear that I am not being critical of Jem. After all 95 % or more of all the people who have done the 21 day process go back to eating in some form or another. It is only that Jem had declared his intention of living on Prana for a period of 2 to 6 month. And as we were all juice fasting and Jem joining us at the table, I can see how easily and natural it was to go from a small glass of juice to a big one, then to a mug and several bowels of soup. I can see myself in the same situation and how easily it is to fall into this trap. Not that there is anything wrong with it. On the contrary. But then the declaration and instruction to the body should be such.

Let me hereby make the following declaration:


Last evening I had to turn off the gas heater as my eyes started to burn. I thought that maybe it was because the gas tank was started to get low. The way I was feeling yesterday .I certainly did not want the bother of having to relight my hot water tank, which is so difficult and temperamental to start that I did not even bother to show Koram and Jem how to do it So to be on the safe side I switched over to a full tank yesterday evening, before the gas ran out. But it did not make any difference. I had slept with both windows and doors wide open, so the room was completely aired out. But obviously I am becoming more sensitive, as this morning again my eyes started to burn. But I have also been suspicious about the heater in this room wondering if it was functioning correctly or not. I shall try one of the other rooms and see how I react.

At 5AM I bundled myself in with blankets and lay down on a deck hair on the terrace. The moon is still very large and bright, and the fall air is so wonderfully crisp and invigorating. Completely bundled up in blankets I lay there experiencing an empowering feeling of absorbing the prana and the moon light. I fell asleep for a very short time. I went into a deep sleep or more like a trance, and felt completely recharged. Wow! It was so fulfilling.

But let me also clarify that I am still feeling week, particularly in the legs. And my mouth is sticking together, my tongue is white showing clearly that I am still detoxifying, and there is a whitish spit on my tongue. But everything is relative, in comparison to yesterday I feel great.

I do not remember much from my first realignment process. I was restless and did not really tune into it. I can remember that in the end when I said good-bye and asked the team if I would see them again at 1 PM the answer was no. Our job is finished, an other group will be there at 1.

I am still enjoying my showers in between the realignment sessions. But what is surprising me is that I am enjoying the cold shower as much or more than the hot one. That is rather surprising, after all it is the middle of October and not as we are sweltering in the heat. But my body is able to take the cold shower so much more than before.

And I am certainly not having an etheric temperature rise. One of the problems while normally fasting is that the body gets very cold and certainly cannot take a cold shower for very long. And here I am standing under the very cold shower for as long or longer than the warm one, and loving it. Something has definitely changed within my body. Great!

It has also become very clear to me in the last couple of days that the care giver should be somebody who has done the process himself/herself. Only someone who personally has experienced the process can be a proper care giver. I was the care giver for Jem. My attitude was more or less:

I am fasting, he is fasting. I have fasted a lot longer than he has. The only difference between his fast and my fast is that for a few days he is not having anything to drink. So big deal??

I was not a proper care giver, because I did not know. Only someone who has experienced and done the process can be a proper care giver. Definitely!!!!!!!!!

My eyes are getting sore again, so maybe it was not the gas heater. However I will try another room tonight. Then we will see.

Well I have come to the end of the seventh day with no solid foods and no liquids by mouth. According to medical science I should be dead or near death. And I have never felt better in my entire life. The body is still weak and the knees shaky, but I feel totally empowered. I feel like a million dollars. And this evening, as I was absorbing the energies, the prana, the peace and the beauty during my final realignment process, I began to understand what Koram means when he is talking about feeling it from the heart. I felt my heart overflowing with Love and Beauty and Power.

In my two realignment sessions this afternoon and this evening I had some very different experiences. This evening when I tuned in to what was happening in the process I observed African witch doctors. Yes, witchdoctors and they were dancing. Well they say that everyone's experience is different. First I had black angels looking like ravens. Then angels looking like businessmen. And now African Witch doctors dancing around, humpa!!humpa!! uh!! When I asked the witchdoctors what they were doing I was informed that they were empowering me. They were not what I in my preconceived ideas would have expected angels to look and behave like. But I certainly would not complain about being empowered with native energies and healing powers. I am feeling so blessed anyway and appreciating that I still have to more weeks of this perfection. I felt some strong love for Anne Karine earlier so I asked Jem to get the biggest bunch of flowers for her, which she has received this evening. Should be quite a bunch for 5000 Escudos.

My afternoon session was somewhat different (My eyes are getting very sore again, so I will now move to the other room and continue writing there, but I have not quit finished setting things up there yet).

I did not get further with my writing last night. By the time I was finished setting up and getting the room ready is was getting on for 10PM and I did not feel for writing anymore.

So I am continuing here the following morning.

When I sat down for my afternoon session, without thinking about it, I sat down in a meditation crossed legged position. I had not been able to do that for the past 11 days. My right knee has been giving me problems for the past 15 - 20 years, and for the past 2 or 3 years it would often click out while sitting crossed legged. So I had to be very careful how I moved in this position, when the kneecap locked it could be quite painful as I would try to straighten the leg. It had improved a lot, was almost normal, during my 40 days fast, but as soon as I started putting toxins back in the system the movement of the kneecap deteriorated and got worse. With the last group, on Friday evening, we had been to Sally's Casa Grande in Burgau to celebrate the completion of the 2week fasting program with a meal. Jem, who had already done the 21 day process and I who would start my process in 4 days were only having clear soup. Also as I was driving I was being moderate with the wine.

On the way home everybody wanted to stop at every bar. Well, maybe not everyone, but several in this particular group were suffering from having been restricted to only juices and broth for two weeks, and now, having been let out of the barn they definitely wanted to celebrate. I wanted to get home, but OK, it is the last day of the group, and it is the last group of the year. So we stopped in Cotifo (the last village before Moinhos Velhos) for a final drink. And then safely home. Having delivered everybody safely home, I sit down to relax. Final day, final group of the year. Now we can have a brake for a while and catch up on all the things that have to be done. When we are with a group from seven in the morning till nine in the evening we do not have any time to get much else done. And in some ways this has been a difficult group, with some of the people whom we expected to be totally with the program, turning out to be very undisciplined, straining like wild horses to get out of the barn.

And now it is over, last day, last group. I decide to celebrate with a Medronho with herbs (a very strong local drink). And then when everybody have gone to bed, the final illegal cigarette. VERY ILLEGAL as this whole area is strictly a nonsmoking area, and I am one of the leaders of this retreat.

Earlier I did not have any cigarettes, after all I am not supposed to be smoking, I would never ever smoke in front of any of the gust.  But when we stopped in Cotifo I got one cigarette from Stephen, who was also there at the bar. And now out and down below the lawn to enjoy this final illegal cigarette. I am feeling quite guilty.

As I was coming back to the house the automatic sprinklers had come on. Trying to avoid getting hit by water from the the sprinklers I tripped. That final Medronho was not such a good idea after having fasted for two weeks, it had gone to my legs. And as I tripped my knee clicked out and I fell flat on my face in the flowerbed getting regularly drenched by the sprinkler as it swung back and forth. It was only one meter away from my face. As I tripped and fell my glasses flew off my face, I did not find them till next day. And I could not move. My locked knee had totally immobilized me and it would not go back. I lay there face down getting drenched by the sprinkler each time it passed. Finally I managed to crawl out of the position and drag myself up the path. My knee is still locked and I am just dragging it along getting out of the drenching from the sprinkler. Eventually the kneecap moved and clicked back in. But in the meantime what a strain I had put on it. The next day and the following days the knee was very sore and I had to be extremely careful how I moved or sat.

However since entering into this 21 day process the knee has been getting better every day, and today I had forgotten all about any problems with it. So I just sat down in a normal cross legged position, but it was a little too early, and the kneecap clicked out. However it was fairly easy to straighten the leg again, the kneecap popped in, and afterwards no pain. I feel quite confident that by the time this 21 day process is completed my problems with the knee will be a thing of the past.

Because of the knee popping out it took me a while to get into the realignment process, but then I was able to go into total surrender.

Woke up at 1AM. Now this is absolutely too early. Got up and had a pee, and went back to bed. It is chilly. As my bed in this room is only 1 1/2 meters from the wide open door, it is almost like sleeping outside. And so invigorating. I managed to go back to sleep and awoke again at 3AM. By now I am not sleepy any more, but I am also somewhat groggy. I get up and have a shower. And this is the day when I can start drinking again. But instead of having a glass of water for the first drink, I allow myself to do that which I have been denying myself to do the whole week. My first water is to swallow some of the water in my mouth as I am rinsing out my mouth. As it flows down the tube I can feel every drop. It has been a struggle for the past week to ensure that this did not happen accidentally, temptation was there the whole time. And now it is allowed to have water, and there is such pleasure in swallowing a very small amount.

I have definitely not being hungry this past week. In a way I have not really been thirsty either, although I have wanted water because of this horrible mouth, which is glued together.

About one hour after swallowing the small amount from the shower I have my first drink of water in a glass. It was like nectar from heaven. I know that the book says that I can have small glass of juice. But I cannot imagining wanting juice at this state. As Jem said a couple of days ago: After this you will have a different appreciation of water. How true, at this time I certainly do not want any juice, I am in bliss with sipping the pure water.

Although I am sitting right next to the heater my eyes are only a little sore this morning. They were however sore last night when I was reading in bed. So I did some of my eye exercises earlier. Out on the terrace, in the moonlight, bundled in with blankets, I did my eye exercises. And it seems to be better already. I have never had any stinging in my eyes like this before. But then I am very short sighted and maybe something is been done with that? I really however have no desire to be quit my glasses. They have been hanging on my nose now for 61 years, and if I am without them I feel naked. Many years ago when I was trying contact lenses, I had to wear sunglasses as well because my eyes felt so exposed. They were used to the protection from the glasses.

On a completely different subject: Having just cleansed my nose with the neti process, I think that this is definitely something we should add to our fasting program. We are cleaning everything else, but we do nothing about these channels in the head. And when we do the pranayama in the morning, it is so much more effective having cleansed all the nasal passage. So I strongly propose that we start our program 15 minutes earlier, and include the neti process.

It has been a very quiet day. I have just been resting. I do indeed feel like a convalescent. I feel very different from the other days. Empowered and totally at peace. I have only had half as many showers today, and for a shorter period of time. I was drinking half a glass of water every hour till 11AM and everything was fine with no problems anywhere. I have been talking a full glass every hour since. And just resting, enjoying the sun.

I have been observing my urine being curious to see if I will have a similar strange discharge that Jem experienced. But so far I have only peed three times. The first one was early in the morning and only 1 cm in the bottom of a glass. It looked very clear but had a strong taste to it. The second time was around 2PM . It looked very dark; about two cm in the bottom of the glass and it had a strong smell. But no impurities. Third time was around five, and the same. In each case it was the cold water shower which made me want to pee. Otherwise the body is retaining the fluids. For now anyhow. And I have been enjoying every mouthful of water like nectars from the Gods. Not slurping it down, but one loving mouthful at the time. Maybe tomorrow I shall wish to have some juice, but for now I am more than happy with the water. And like Jem I am preferring the water from the borehole rather than the reverse osmosis water. Later I will get some water from our spring, and it will be interesting to make the comparison.

Day 9

Got a bit of a surprise this morning. When I got up I found that I had no energy. I went to the bathroom and then straight back to bed and stayed there the whole day.

Day 10

Same as yesterday.

Day 11

As above.

Day 12

Still no energy. Very weak but managed to have my first shower in four days. Watched the sunrise and did some sunbathing later for three hours. Rest of the time in bed.

Day 13

Still convalescing. I am surprised at how little energy I have. Definitely not enough to take a shower. Forced myself to get out of bed for the sunrise, but I am shaky with wobbly knees and it takes me a long time to move. When I do manage to move I feel dizzy. It is almost frightening.

I also had my first bowel movement in 14 days today. I was quite surprised as it was quite a substantial movement of old, putrefied stinking shit the likes of which I have not seen or smelt since one of my early purification fast. I thought I was pretty clean and that I had prepared well for this process with a 40 days fast in July/August and a two week fast just before starting the process.

Since day 8 I have been burping and farting the whole time. I also have a lot of pain in my right shoulder. Fortunately the pain does not keep me awake at night.

My whole right arm is cold most of the time.

 detox prana terrace

The terrace outside my room

Day 15

I felt a major energy shift during the night. I had a very restless night with some funny dreams and I can not see the connection. It had something to do with our neighbor and a local supermarket. After the energy shift I was expecting more energy today, but it is not so. I am still just as weak and shaky. This has been quite an eye-opener and has certainly made me more humble with a different understanding and view of how Jem and Koram experienced the process. I remember watching Jem being weak, and saying to myself I am not going to be weak like that. I have prepared myself properly and just watch me. I am an experienced faster and have fasted for at least one week with every group this year, I will sail through the process without any problems.

How wrong can you be? This process has nothing to with fasting or not fasting, eating or not eating. And each person experiences it in his own way. 

Day 16

I was awake half the night. Reading for part of the time and generally feeling good but during a morning shower found my knees very shaky and had to support myself.

Enjoyed the morning sun but found myself quite dizzy when moving about.

Day 17

I am afraid that my Ego has been seriously deflated. Every day I wake up expecting to have some of my energy back, felt fairly alert this morning, but I just continue to be as weak as a chicken. Spent the whole day just lying in the sun doing nothing, not even reading, and instead of getting stronger as the day progressed I just got weaker.

I seem to be over the hump with a little more energy today. I take a Clysmatic and was relieved of some old stinking, putrefied deposits. Uhhhh!!!! Horrible smell.

Day 19

I am getting towards the end of this process and I am amazed that I still have so much old shit to get rid of. Got up at 12 o'clock for a bowel movement and again at 2 o'clock. I felt as if I was plugged and had another Clysmatic with the resulting passing of more stinking deposits. How much of this can I have, and where does it come from?? Amazing. Some of us just have more accumulated shit of get rid of than others. But I have fasted on and off the whole year.

I however seem to be staying weak so there must be a lesson her for me. I have definitely been weaker than the others, and although I did not have any of the common symptoms in the early part of the process, which I secretly was feeling very proud of, I am certainly making up for that now in the end of the process.

I felt very irritated this morning. First I could not get the blanket right watching the sunrise, and then a fly kept on bussing me. Crashed back to bed and stayed there the whole day.

Day 20

I was asleep by 8 o'clock last night but woke up several times to urinate and/or empty my bowels and each time I felt as if I was getting stronger. Wishful thinking perhaps because in the morning I had hardly enough energy to get out of bed. I had hoped and expected to be stronger. After all in the guide lines it says: " The healing is coming to an end. You will start to feel stronger." Not me.

Perhaps because in the beginning of the process I did not surrender but was busy doing all sorts of things, both physically and mentally, whereas Anne Karine went directly into the process, I am lagging at least a week behind her. I am certainly not getting stronger.

I watched a magnificent sunrise. As my two care givers Jem and Koram have left, and Rose Maria who is now our caregiver does not know about it, I had to feed the fishes. Going down the few steps I almost stumbled and had had to sit down. Fed the fishes, crashed back into bed and stayed there the whole day.

I have remained weak but apparently this was necessary. In one of the realignment and integration periods I was informed that the Masters were keeping me weak in order for the process to be completed. I was far too active in my mind and instead of tuning into the process I was busy planning all the things and activities were are going to do here. Last night I was dreaming of and planning the foundation for the new cottages.

So in order to facilitate the success and integration of the process, I had to be kept weak in order to be quiet. Well I may not like that, but I do accept it. I mentioned to Jem the other day that I had begun the backwards countdown to the end of the process. Jem meant that was all wrong of me, I should be in the here and now and not be looking into the future or the past. I should be totally in the Process now, and with no judgment. Well he is probably correct, but I am getting tired of being weak. And I did have such high expectations of sailing through the process with no effort.

So I accept the situation as it is, but do I also have to like it? I look upon it more as being out at sea caught in a full storm in a small boat. I am wet and cold and miserable but I accept that as there is nothing I can do about it but let the storm blow itself out. In the meantime I look forward to calm waters and warm and sunny days.

In the same way I look forward to the return of my strength and energy. Only one more day and the process will be completed. But will it be? I have the feeling that for me with my late start the process will continue beyond the 21 days.

Day 21

So I am coming to the end of the process. I have a little more energy today but still very weak. A 5 liters water jug is almost too heavy for me to lift. Spent most of the day in bed but managed to do some typing on the laptop. My right arm has been bothering me a lot, and I have not been able to use the keyboard. Maybe a lot of this shit I have been passing in the last few days comes from blockages in the shoulder. I first dislocated this shoulder 50 years ago, and then again 49 years ago and for the next 25 years or so I could not throw a ball without feeling pain in shoulder. I have had very restrictive movement in this arm. Maybe this is being cleared up now. So on the eve of the completion of this unique transformation I look back at the process. It has truly been a unique experience, probably the most valuable 3 weeks in my life. I have never felt any hunger during the three weeks. A few times when I felt the need for something I just asked that my etheric drip be increased, and immediately the need disappeared.

I truly feel that I have been reborn, that I have been given a completely new zest on life. I am now eager and anxious to complete all the new projects that I have been given. 

Our fasting programs were doing great with a long waiting list, but the spark had gone out, there were not as many miracles anymore. There was not the same enthusiasm as in the early stages. Time for a change. And the change has truly come. A complete transformation with eagerness and enthusiasm to get the expansion rolling, and complete clarity on how to achieve it.

It really started before the process with our astrologer friend Prem completing my horoscope. With complete amazement Anne Karine and I were listening to Prem defining my characteristics and needs, as compared to hers. It did remind me of an old saying. A woman needs to feel loved to have sex. A man needs to have sex to feel loved. Right there and then we both became aware of our different needs, and there was again the closeness between us that there used to be in the good all days.

I am thankful to be among the select few to have experienced the transformation of the 21 Day Process. And we are most grateful to Richard, the editor of Kindred Spirit, for having first published his interview with Jasmuheen, and bringing the concept of living on light into our awareness. Well it really was not such a new idea, in the 27 years as a yoga teacher I have always emphasized the importance of prana, that prana is the life force that sustains everything. And ever since coming to this valley I have been directed to channel down the light, to fill everything and everyone with the pranic energy of light. But one thing is to speak the words, another thing is to actually experience the concept. I am now fully convinced that I am being sustained and nourished by light. We do not need to eat solid foods in order to maintain a healthy body. We are truly living on light. It was our lovely Jasmuheen from down under, who had the courage to stand forth in a world that said it was impossible, and declare I am Living on Light. When I first met Jasmuheen in a workshop in Wales, my reaction was: My God, if anyone as cute as that can do it, maybe I can also do it. And upon meeting some of the others who had completed the process, and feeling the love and the energy in the group, 

We had been warned by several well meaning friends not to go to the workshop in Wales. Total waste of money, she is a fraud, only after the money, you know that it is not possible etc, etc. And by our standards the workshop was expensive, we paid more for the seven day workshop with Jasmuheen and friends than people did for a complete two weeks fasting and detox program with therapies etc. here at Moinhos Velhos. But in the end we decided we had to go and find out for ourselves. Thank God for that, I have never made an investment that paid higher dividends.

Funny thing was that the very word INVESTMENT used in the promotional literature for the program turned me off the workshop. I felt that if the program could not stand on its own merits, but that it had to be considered as an investment from which one would receiver future returns, there must be something wrong with the program. We call the cost of our programs cost, and I told Jeff that the word investment had turned me off. However we have a totally different view on this issue.

He thinks it is a clever American way of doing it, and I simply do not like it.

As far as doing the program itself we were warned. "Do not even think about it. People die from doing that." Nobody has ever died from doing the program and following the guide lines laid out in Jasmuheen`s book Living on Light. But you do not set out on a 21 day hike if you are doing the process, when the guide lines very clearly states that you must surrender and rest with a minimum of activities. This is an absolute must.

We were very fortunate that Koram, whom we met in Wales, and who had being living on light for 1 ½ years came down to be our care giver. Neither Anne Karine nor I had any concept of what the process was all about. The 21 Day Process is something which one can not explain, it can only be experienced. My ego certainly got a slapping down. Here was I, the master faster, who was not going to be weak at all like Koram and Jem, being weaker than anybody. I have not experienced such muscular weakness since having jaundice in Jamaica in 1950. Oh well, maybe my past many years of sinful living was catching up with me. Anyhow we were blessed to have both Koram and Jem here as care givers. Originally when Koram offered to be our caregiver, we thought, That would be very nice, but we did not realize how essential it is to have a caregiver who has done the process. Thank you Koram and Jem for your support and Love.

detox flower


After Process Reflections

In the two weeks following the process I felt great. Spirit and energy were high.  I lost 6 kg. during the process but as I had already taken off 10 kg in the juice fasting program prior to doing the process, I felt that I was at my ideal weight of 68-70 kg at the beginning of the process. What I did find was that the additional weight reduction had primarily come from the muscles, and I certainly did not have the physical strength that I was used to having. This bothered me. However I was quite happy not eating anything solid, but taking boxed juices during the day, and a clear broth in the evening.

One day our Portuguese gardener came with some olives for us. I tried to explain to the gardener that I no longer needed solid foods, but it was too much to expect him, who can neither read nor write, to understand this. As a matter of fact, most people can not accept this. The olives were from a tree in our own garden, they had been specially picked and prepared by the gardener.s. I normally do not like olives, but I also had to try one. It was delicious. And that was the beginning of the end.

End of Diary

We had arranged to meet with Koram and his friend in Goa in India in December. When I discussed with Koram my visions of the future of Moinhos Velhos, he told me not to give it another thought. It was all been taken care of. His friend who was visiting Moinhos Velhos during the time we did the process, had sold his company for a great deal of money and he wanted to use part of this money for the preservation of the valley and the expansion of our programs. We were all to meet in Goa when it would be explained to us how this was to be.

When we got to Goa Koram's was there, but his friend did not show. It was all forgotten. It was indeed a good thing that we had not counted on him for any expansion plans. But Koram now presented us with the latest great program from Jasmuheen. They had found these wonder Prana Pills, which would replace the 21 Day Program. It would no longer be necessary to undertake the 21 Day Process, all one had to do was to take the Prana pills, and one could then Live on Light. This would solve all and any hunger problems in the world. The products would be distributed through a multilevel marketing network program, and we would all become very rich. Jasmuheen was collaborating with the worlds leading experts, who had won a series of awards for their products.

I could not believe it!!

When I read the promotional literature I found little information about the prana pills, they were just very expensive vitamins, minerals. and other supplements. Yes, t he awards had been won, this was clear, but not for having a wonder product, but for being the most successful multilevel marketing company in the world. Sh......... At this point we completely disassociated from Jasmuheen and the Self Empowerment Academy.

I had believed, because I wanted to believe. I had accepted because I wanted it to be so. But now, critical, I began to investigate, and found all sorts of discrepancies. I found for instance that when Jasmuheen did her one week controlled supervised fast for a TV program, she lost one kg. a day. What happened to the mental power of being able to control the weight with the mind? There were many other unsupported and conflicting claims. I have actually never met anybody who lives on pure prana. I hear about them, but I have never met one. There is always some water, juice and soup. And a little snacking. And to maintain the muscle structure and strength, hours are spent on body building practices. I do not have time, nor inclination for that.

After Goa we went to Jaipur, where I met with my Sufi master. I proudly told him about the 21 day process, and that I did not have to eat solid foods anymore. He asked me: And why did you do that?. My answer was "for spiritual advancement" He said: You are a fool. I could have given you that in 5 minutes!! There are Yogis in the Himalayas who have been doing that for a thousand years, and have not made one step forward on the spiritual path. It is all for the body! Whow...

So how do I reconcile this with my enthusiasm for the program while doing? To quote myself: "This is the best investment I have ever made." I have fasted a lot, as a matter of fact one year I fasted with every group that we had. But while fasting I was also facilitating the programs here. That meant leading the meditation and yoga, doing the therapies, looking after administration and maintenance, consulting with and supporting the clients. There really never ever was any time for me. Doing the 21 Day Program was the first time ever, in my whole life, where the time was just for me. In 1991 I probably fasted for almost 100 days, but apart from the time of the 21 Day Process, I was busy as a little beaver. All the time full of energy, facilitating the fasting programs, collecting stones, building rock walls etc. etc. Only once during my 40 day fast, while at the beach collecting stones for the garden, did I feel that my physical strength was not up to par.

My conclusion as of today (May 2005) therefore is:  Juicefasting is the best.
I no longer believe that it was the deprivations of liquids and healthy juices that was instrumental in my experiences during the 21 Day Program and my enthusiasm for same. In retrospect I firmly believe that similar or even superior experiences could be achieved doing healthy juice fasting, without loosing so much weight and strength as we did, nor loosing our sense of balance, which even as of today we have not completely recovered. I believe that the experiences during the 21 Day process was primarily due to having three weeks of solitude and meditation, with no outside disturbing influences, a time to surrender, a time for connecting with the divine within and the cosmic energies, 24 hours a day, and had little to do with the absence of healthy liquids. We know that a juicefasting diet can effect a total healing of diseased organs, and my experience with the 21 day Process can explain why so many of our clients experience a complete transformation during our two weeks fasting program. Three weeks would probably be better, but not many people can commit to this. One week is not enough.


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